It’s quite awkward to find words to describe myself, I prefer talking about other people and celebrating their achievements. I would say that is the English side of me, which tries to remain humble and grounded. I have spent what seems like my entire life helping other people so it feels hard for me to answer the question about who Grace is. Well, I am a graduate with a BA in Marketing, I have a Pttls and Dttls qualification and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I would describe myself as a traveller navigating what we call life. My professional journey has been a roller coaster and much to my dismay has not always lived up to the expectations that I had as a graduate several years ago. I had suffered a series of rejections both in my personal and professional life and had been receiving counselling. I remember the first thing I said to my counsellor was ‘this is something black women don’t do.’

Then, in 2016 I was persuaded to apply for the Speakers Parliamentary Placement Scheme through The Creative Society. Much to my shock, I (a single parent of two girls, from African heritage and with a past) was chosen to work for a Member of Parliament. If someone had told my 10-year-old self, leaving Nigeria to come to the UK that I would go on to work in Parliament, walking past the likes of Theresa May, I would never have believed it.

During my induction, I mentioned to my other colleagues that I would love to work for The Creative Society managing the Speaker’s Scheme one day. Never in my wildest dreams nine months on would I envisage that I would end up doing just that. It has without a doubt been the best position that I have held so far in my professional life.

I am now working with an organisation called Working Chance, which helps rehabilitate women who have been through the criminal justice or care systems. I am helping Working Chance to deliver Diversity & Inclusion training to organisations as well as curating their ten-year anniversary. My ultimate goal is to be an established Diversity & Inclusion professional. Looking back at my journey (which has not been like the fairytales I grew up watching). I have learned the importance of never passing up on any opportunity, irrespective of how mundane, monotonous as it might sound as it might be preparing you for where you need to be. Did I also say that I love what The Creative Society does and I am their number one advocate and I wasn’t paid to say that!

Grace Adeosun, Project Manager

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