Creative Society is committed to providing a fresh platform for a pipeline of hidden talent. Whether curating our own events through Creative Job Studio pop-ups or running workshops in collaboration with arts partners, we want to open the doors to as many opportunities as possible for young creative people trying to break into the sector. You can read some of their personal stories here.

What do others say about Creative Job Studio and Mentoring?

Independent evaluation is very important and helps us re-model our programmes to ensure we continue to provide the best and most impactful opportunities we can for young people and the sector.

2019 evaluation of our Creative Job Studio by Britain Thinks reported:

  • 67% of attendees were BAME 
  • 33% of creative industries employers had never engaged or engaged less than once in six months with new, young and BAME talent 
  • 100% of the creative industries employers who attended our events said that they would like to attend another event in the future in order to connect with young creatives

2019 evaluation of our one-to-one mentoring by Learning and Work Institute reported:

  •  76% secured a new job paid above a London Living Wage moving from zero-hours to permanent contracts
  • 33% moved from under-employment into properly paid freelance work
  • 15% moved back into higher education