Life has always been pretty exciting. I left home young and moved far, far away. I have been a rough sleeper, a traveller, a banana farmer, a support worker, a marathon runner, and a just-about-getting-by kind of girl.

When I accidentally stumbled across The Creative Society, I was stuck. I had been working in retail for years and found all thoughts of the future absolutely terrifying. Fear of the future creates a paralysis, I just didn’t know what to do.

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about politics. I have felt the knife-like repercussions of decisions made by inexperienced people in suits, watched benefits cuts bring tears to my single mum’s eyes. Due to my experiences of homelessness when I was young, university was not an option for me. My life did not allow for me to figure out how to follow my dreams, like so many people, I had to focus on keeping a roof over my head and scraping by.

When I saw the advert for the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placement Scheme via The Creative Society, I applied straight away never expecting to hear back. But I did. And a million doors have opened since. I have spent the past year working in the House of Commons, advising politicians, speaking truth to power, thinking about my future and planning for the life I want. The Creative Society provided me with the opportunity and support to believe in my capabilities and the confidence to chase my dreams.

Ami-Jade McCarthy, Public Affairs Consultant & Housing Campaigner

#CreateYourStory #EverydayInclusion

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