Creative Rewilding is an exciting strand of activity to develop and showcase artistic talent. Through a series of unique outdoor events we help participants and audiences take their first steps in getting re-engaged with culture and creativity.

Creative Rewilding™ is a new methodology to develop a creative ecology full of fresh ideas. Based on the ‘rewilding’ philosophy, Creative Rewilding™ is a movement that enables us to sew new ‘seeds’ and rebuild our cultural landscape.

The wanderings, led by Artistic Director Saira Niazi, and Founder of Living London, are a safe way to connect people to places, stories and ideas, as well as inspire everyday exploration, mindfulness and creativity. Our ‘seeds’ explore the city, how we use spaces in communities, share ideas, build a network with each other and create new work by documenting their journey creatively.

We will cultivate a new garden, fertilise new ideas and provide creative nutrients to rewild our sector. Our activity takes place at different time and in unique spaces in London, accessible to all, where work can be experienced by passers-by as part of our ongoing mission to cultivate new ideas.

This is our manifesto for Creative Rewilding™.

In Spring 2021, 9 young artists were commissioned to produce new work in varied media, from film and sound to visual art, inspired by a London-based ‘wandering’ led by our alumna and Artistic Director, Saira Niazi. A series of three wanderings took place in West London, Greenwich and Bermondsey, exploring hidden spaces and the different communities and landscapes in each part of the city, followed by a showcase of the artists’ work at Southside House in Wimbledon.

You can now view their final work online.

We are delighted to present a short film produced by Luke Baker, another former Creative Society mentoring participant, to track our young artists’ journeys and experiences along the way. 

Creative Society remains committed to helping young creatives develop their practice and skills in challenging circumstances. If you would like to know more, or support the next stage of Creative Rewilding don’t hesitate to contact us

Thank you to Arts Council England and the DCMS’ Culture Recovery Fund for its support of the pilot project. 

(Banner photograph taken by Isaac Olorunfemi).